If you have already completed the registration of the shopify store account, then take you to quickly understand the control panel of shopify store, because shopify is constantly updated, so our introduction may be different from your actual interface.Shopify Store Control Panel

The control panel can be divided into 3 parts:
1. Top menu, including shopify store switching, search and account management features.
2. Left menu, including order management, customer management, data analysis, marketing and discount management, apps management and account basic settings.
3. The middle section displays the data and operator interface.

The top menu bar includes:

Shopify Store Switch: If you have registered multiple shopify stores with the same email, a drop-down menu option will appear in the logo position in the upper left corner to switch to the control panel of other shopify stores.
Search: shopify’s search function is very comprehensive, which include store control panel data, shopify help center, apps market, theme market and more.
Account Management: The user name drop-down options in the top right corner include your profile, log out, shopify help center, community forums, hire a shopify expert and keybord shortcuts.

The left menu bar includes:

Order: Shows all orders in the store. Drafts orders is a store creation order function that helps customers create orders directly. Abandoned checkouts are abandoned order management, All orders that have reached the payment page but have not completed payment will appear here.
Products: add, edit and manage store products. Transfer and inventory are shopify’s inventory system, which manages the store’s inbound data and current inventory data respectively. Collections are product category management. Gift card is gift card management.
Customers: Customer data management, showing all subscribers in the store and customer data with orders.
Analytics: shopify store data analysis tools, reports shows store data analysis reports, live view shows store current data.
Marking: shopify integrates facebook advertising, google advertising, military advertising, snapchat advertising and email marketing functions.
Discount: You can create and manage discount codes for your store.
Apps: You can install and manage apps for your store.

Online Store settings:

Theme: Install and manage the shopify store theme.
Blog post: shopify built-in blog system.
Pages: Create and manage about us, contact us and more.
Navigation: Create and manage menus for stores.
Domains: The store domain name management.

Settings are the basic settings of the shopify store, including:

Each option has its function description.