As a new seller, you may be confused about shopify’s official pricing list. This article will take you through the details of shopify online store operations. Let’s start with the shopify official pricing list, as shown in the following table:Plan List Detailed and PricePlan List Detailed and Price

Unlimited Products: No matter which monthly rent plan you are in, there is no limit on the number of products.
Staff Account: The administrator account can add a restricted employee account to the shopify store, responsible for uploading products, processing orders, and so on.
24/7 Support: Shopify provides sellers with 24/7 customer support. English customer service can provide online chat, phone, email, and twitter to help merchants solve problems.
Sales Channel: Shopify can help us sell products to the facebook page, messenger, amazon, buy button and other sales channels, and these are free.
Manual Order Creation: We can directly help the customer to complete the order process in the store dashboard. After the manual order is created, we only need to send the invoice of the order to the customer’s mailbox by email, and the customer can open the email and click the payment button to complete the payment of the order.
Free SSL Certificate: With shopify’s service, you don’t have to pay a high price to buy SSL certificate. When you bind the domain name to shopify, shopify will automatically assign the SSL certificate to your domain name.
Abandoned Cart Recovery: When the customer adds the product to the shopping cart but does not complete the purchase, shopify will automatically send him an email at the time you set it up, reminding him to complete the order payment, to improve the website’s purchase conversion rate.
Gift Cards: Pre-charge card function, you can buy a gift card in the store to send to a friend, your friend can use this virtual gift card to shop in this store, consume the amount in the gift card.
Professional Reports and Adcanced Report Builder: Store data reports to help you understand the operational status of your store, you can also analyze your store with free and powerful google analytics.
Third-Party Calculated Shipping Rates: The $299 plan can help you dock the shopify and usps, ups and dhl systems and use their system directly to help customers display the shipping cost of the customer’s current order on the checkout page.
Fraud Analysis: Shopify carries out risk control on each order. If the order is risky, shopify will fraudulently mark the order, causing the merchant to pay attention to the order.
Online Credit Card Rates: If you use shopify payment as your credit card payment method, you will need to pay a 2.9%+0.3 USD credit card payment fee (29 monthly plan) when you pay by the customer; choose a $79 plan and the credit card collection fee will drop to 2.6%+ $0.3; for the $299 plan, credit card collection fees are reduced to a minimum of 2.4% + $0.30.
In-Person Credit Card Rates: The customer pays by credit card face to face, you use the shopify pos system to collect the payment, the credit card collection fee you need to pay.