There are some other costs associated with opening a shopify store in addition to the most basic monthly plan cost + sales credit card charges:

1. Domain Name Fee
Different domain name registrars have different fees. If we register a new .com domain name, the annual fee is usually around $10. If you want to buy a domain name that someone else has already registered, you may need to spend a lot of money.

2. Mail Cost
A separate domain name mailbox can improve the customer experience and trust for the store, you can also find some free domain name mail service providers.

3. Shopify Theme Fee
Shopify officially offers several free themes, if you have more personalized needs for your store, you can also purchase paid themes from the shopify theme market, or you can go to a third-party theme market like themeforest to buy the shopify theme, you will have more choices, and the price is cheaper, the price of most themes is between $30 and $65, and most of the themes are paid for one time, lifetime use and upgrades.

4. Shopify App Fee
During the online store operation, you will definitely install some free or paid apps, which can expand the functions of shopify stores (such as increasing order conversion rate, providing personalized services for customers, online chat, etc.) Apps are usually paid monthly, the price range is also very large, you can install the required app according to the actual situation.

5. Store Operation Promotion Expenses
The cost of store operations and promotion may account for more than 80% of the total cost, including staff salaries, rent, inventory, seo tools, and backlinks build etc.

These are the basic cost descriptions for the shopify store, and you can have a rough estimate of the overall cost of the store.